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General Terms and Conditions

You are donating to the non-profit foundation “Bee Charity Verein” (also known as Swapabee Verein), with its registered office in Switzerland.

  1. Donation terms and conditions

1.1. These donation terms and conditions apply to any donation made to Bee Charity Verein.

1.2. Bee Charity Verein reserves the right to change the donation terms and conditions in the interim.

1.3. Payment by SEPA direct debit
The buyer can give Bee Charity a SEPA basic mandate. The pre-notification period is shortened to one day. The buyer guarantees to provide sufficient funds for the account. Costs that arise due to non-redemption or reversal of the direct debit shall be borne by the buyer as long as the non-redemption or reversal was not caused by Bee Charity. 

1.4. The pre-notification period for SEPA direct debit is reduced to one day.

1.5. Pre-notification can provide notice of several debit advices. The time limit for the sending of the pre-notification will be reduced from 14 days to one day. This will take place by setting out the corresponding details in the invoice, respectively by sending the data (together with the invoice details) electronically

  1. Rights and obligations of Bee Charity Verein

2.1. Any payment made by a donor accrues to Bee Charity Verein and will be used by Bee Charity Verein for a purpose that corresponds to Bee Charity Vereins mission and vision.

2.2. Refunds are not possible.

2.3. Bee Charity Verein will take appropriate measures to secure the transfer of data in the scope of this action.

2.4. Persons who are authorised on behalf of Bee Charity Verein to view this data are obliged to observe confidentiality, subject to legally permissible exceptions.

  1. Rights and obligations of the donor

3.1. The donor cannot derive any rights from a donation other than that Bee Charity Verein will use the donation for the aforementioned purpose.

3.2. To be able to make a donation the donor must be 18 or over or have parental consent.

3.3. The donor is required to correctly indicate his/her name and identity.

3.4. The donor will make the donation using means that he/she may dispose of and has control of.

  1. Privacy

4.1. Bee Charity Verein processes the personal data provided by the donor in accordance with all applicable legal requirements, including in particular the rules pursuant to or under the Personal Data Protection Act.

4.2. These personal data are processed by Bee Charity Verein for the purpose of settling donations as meant in these conditions, for carrying out marketing activities as far as related to Bee Charity Verein mission and vision (unless the donor indicates otherwise), as well as to enable it to comply with legal obligations.

  1. Legal

5.1. Exclusively our law applies to your donation and these donation terms and conditions.

5.2. Offers are valid as long as the corresponding products or services are in stock.

5.3. If any conflict arrives from these terms or condition the courts in the Switzerland are exclusively authorized to rule about this conflict

Bee Charity Verein

Dezember 2019, Wettingen, Switzerland

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