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If you’re looking for the convenience of disposable products without the environmental impact of plastic or foam, look no further than the EcoChoice biodegradable, compostable sugarcane / bagasse 6″ x 6″ take-out container! Perfect for both hot and cold foods, this box is an ideal solution for restaurants, caterers, and sandwich shops that serve anything from hot entrees to cold salads, sweet desserts, and more.

Eco-Friendly Construction

Made from bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing, this product is both compostable and biodegradable, which allows you to decrease your carbon footprint. While other disposable products are burned when thrown away causing air pollution, this can be renewed and recycled. In addition, EcoChoice dinnerware is made with superior strength and won’t break or crack under moderate pressure. It can even handle the messiest of menu items thanks to its oil proof design.

What is bagasse?

Bagasse is the name for the residual fibers that remain after the squeezing of sugarcanes at the sugar production. Usually, they consist of 40 – 60% cellulose, 20 – 30% hemicellulose, and about 20% lignin. Bagasse is primarily found in countries that produce a particularly high amount of sugar, for instance Brazil, Vietnam, China or Thailand. Even though bagasse is a so-called by-product, many people see it as a waste product because in the past, bagasse was mainly used as a fuel for the production plants. Even today, a part of the bagasse is still used for the factories’ ovens. But since humans have started to recycle materials, bagasse’s value was also increased. Nowadays, it is used for the production of building materials, packaging materials, and disposable tableware. The paper industry has also started to replace wood fibers with sugarcane fibers to produce napkins, toilet paper and cardboards. From sugarcanes to sustainable tableware




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Sugarcanes (Saccharum officinarum) belong to the family of sweet grasses and grow in tropic and subtropical climate zones. The plants are 3 to 5 meters in height and their stem has a diameter of 2 – 4,5cm. Here, we can also find what makes the plant so special: the sugar (mainly sucrose). Sugarcanes do not only owe their name to the sugar but also their publicity and popularity throughout the world. They are the most important raw-material supplier for the production of (retail) sugar. For this purpose, the sugarcanes are harvested, collected, and squeezed in order

Bagasse project

Donate here to contribute to our bagasse biodegradable tupeware factory in Africa

Donate here to contribute to our bagasse biodegradable tupeware factory in Africa

African bagasse construction starting November 2022

African bagasse construction starting November 2022

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